What to Expect at a Passover Seder

If you have been invited to a Passover Seder at someone’s home, you should know a few things before you go. Read on to know exactly what to expect in a Passover Seder.

What Is it?

A Seder is a festive holiday meal that actually means order. The reason it is called this is that it is done in particular order that takes one from slavery to freedom.

Appropriate Attire

Inquire with your host beforehand about whether if the guests will be dressing casually or more formally.

What To Bring

Ask your host what you can bring. In case the host does not specify what to bring you can bring some kosher for Passover candy. If you choose to prepare a dish, remember not to include any grain or flour.

Appropriate Greetings

The appropriate things to say at a Passover are Happy Passover, Gut Yontif, or Chag Sameach.

The Large Plate

You will find the seder plate containing the symbolic foods and 3 matzot wrapped together.

What Is At The Middle Of The Table?

You will find a cup of wine filled for the prophet Elijah. There is a Jewish tradition that Elijah visits every Jewish home during Passover. Some two recent customs involve placing an orange on the Seder plate and placing a cup of water on the table to remind people of Miriam’s well, which traveled with the Israelites in the desert.

What Is Happening?

Normally, there is one person that is the leader of the Seder. The person will usually request people to read various parts of the Haggadah, which is written to take you through the Seder in the correct order. The great news is that you do not have to memorize anything ahead of time.Keep in mind that 4 cups of wine will be consumed, so consume just a little each time, or you may feel very uncomfortable by the end of it!

The following is the basic order for most Seders.
Kadesh – Urchatz – Karpas – Yachatz – Maggid – Rachtzah – Motzi – Matzah – Maror – Korech – Shulchan Oruch – Tzafun – Barech – Hallel – Nirtzah

In a nutshell, this is what you should expect when you are invited for a Seder in someone’s house. It is a great celebration and taking part in it will help you appreciate other people’s culture much better. After you have finished the celebration you should tell your host ‘Chag Sameach!’ or ‘Have a wonderful holiday!’Hopefully you have taken some good photos at the seder that your host took such pains to organize. It will be particularly thoughtful if you send the host a thank you note including a photo or two, or better yet some custom photo gift.